Perl 6 Musings

by Arne Sommer

DIY Cryptography with Perl 6

This article presents a home made cryptographical algorithm by yours truly. Cryptography DIY is a bad idea, but I'll have a go at it anyway.

Perl 6 P(i)ermutations

My response to the Fourth Perl Weekly Challenge.

From Babylon to Pascal with Perl 6

My response to the Third Perl Weekly Challenge.

Perl 6 from Zero to 35

My response to the Second Perl Weekly Challenge.

Perl 6 gather, I take

Displaying files with gather/take, a powerful mechanism for semi-asyncronous execution.

Perl 6 Colonoscopy

Everything you'd ever want to know (and much, much more) about the colon (the : character) in Perl 6.

Gibberish by Perl 6

A Gibberish Generator, giving us random gibberish in return for a real text.

Perl 6 EU Edition

Perl 6 adapted to EU Usage, where we use instead of $ to identify scalars.